KATHMANDU: Nepal Police’s Narcotics Control Bureau on Saturday released popstar Sugam Pokharel and five others after a day of their arrest in connection with the possession and use of brown sugar.
Concluding that he is a drug abuser and not a peddler, police handed over Pokharel to his family this morning.

One of the seven men who were arrested in possession of two gram of the contraband from Setopul of Kathmandu, however, has been kept in custody in suspicion of supplying the drug, police said.

The NCB is interrogating him, and carrying out further investigation into the case.

According to police, Pokharel was released because the drug was not confiscated from his possession. He and five others of the posse, however, are said to be drug abusers.

Based on a tip that that they use narcotic drugs to boost their stamin for stage performances, police, of late, started keeping an eye on celebrity artistes.


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