Most rebel, opposing and independent candidates who have fielded candidacies for the upcoming Constituent Assembly election have remained intact on the day slated by the Election Commission to withdraw candidacies.

The Commission had given time to withdraw the poll nominations during the office hours today. The candidates had to be present in person at the election offices to take back the applications.

The number of candidates wishing to withdraw their candidacies in the valley and across the country was very minimal today. The Commission will now publish the final list of candidates tomorrow.

Leaders had made efforts till the last minute to urge the rebel leaders of parties to withdraw the latter’s candidacies, also considering the option by including them in the list of proportional list to ease the filling of official positions. However, the efforts were not successful in the major part.

A total of 6,343 candidates from 120 political parties and independent members have registered to contest the CA poll from 240 constituencies across the country. The number of women candidates however stands at a mere 610.

Nominations of 11 candidates have been nulled due to various reasons.


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