JAN 27 – The Republic of South Korea has made it compulsory for the Nepali workers , aspiring job under the Employment Permit System ( EPS ), to have an account in an ‘A’ class commercial bank in Nepal.

As per the new provision being brought into use by the South Korea from February 1, the Nepali workers under the EPS Labour Contract need to have the bank account and submit the account details at the EPS Office in Kathmandu.

Opening bank account was made compulsory to make the process of return guarantee insurance smooth.

Dilliram Banstola, Director of the EPS Korea Section, Department of Labour said that earlier the Nepali workers used to return home after the completion of the labour contract but with latest provision the workers get their insurance money back within fourteen days of their return from Korea.

He said around 21,000 Nepalese are currently working in Korea as per the agreement signed between Nepal and S Korea under the EPS system.

Every worker is bound to work in Korea for 58 months as per the EPS Labour Contract. -RSS


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