KATHMANDU, JUL 20 – The ongoing UCPN (Maoist) plenum has resumed after the brawl among the participants. The meeting was postponed following the incident.

An emergency Standing Committee meeting of the party at Nepal Tourism Board decided to continue the plenum.

According to sources, the brawl took place on the issue of choosing team leader of Bhojpura State Committee. It has been learnt that the participants started hooting when Baliram Sah of Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai panel was speaking. The Bhattarai panel reiterated against the hooting and scuffle took place.

The participants have been learnt to throw chairs during the scuffle. Chairman Dahal and Vice Chairman Bhattarai were also targeted in the stage.

Meanwhile, reporters have been barred from collecting news.

The leaders were holding discussion on the report presented by party Chairman Dahal during the closed session of the plenum.


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