A team from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police detained notorious gangster Deepak Manange aka Rajiv Gurung, who is indicted of money laundering and accumulating properties through illegal means, from his hide-out at Kamal Pokhari in the Capital on Friday night.

Manange is accused of of accumulating property worth Rs. Rs 147. 03 million by indulging in extortion and other criminal activities.
According to police source, he will be presented before the Special Court on Sunday.

On May 19, the Money Laundering Investigation Department filed cases against five notorious gangsters including Deepak Manange, Ganesh Lama, Parshuram Basnet, Chakre Milan, Deepak Manange and Abishekh Giri.

The Special Court had issued a notice to present themselves before the Court and defend the charges against them within 15 days.

Abhishek Giri is still on the run, while three others — Ganesh Lama, Parshuram Basnet and Chakre Milan– presented themselves before the Court.

Chakre Milan, who was convicted in another case earlier, is doing time in the central jail.

Lama is in custody after failing to post the bail that the Court set for him, while Basnet was realeased after depositing the bail bond.

Basnet was charged with accumulating assets amounting Rs 116.01 million, Lama with Rs. 270.1 million, Chakre Milan with Rs 78 million, Manange with Rs. 147.03 and Giri with 29.4 million. -Source: THT


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