KATHAMANDU: A person was seriously injured in a Khukuri attack near Bishnu Devi Mandir, Nakhu in Lalitpur on Thursday afternoon.

A gang of eight motorcycle-borne assailants attacked Raj Shrestha of Dholahiti of Lalitpur in broad daylight at around 12:30 pm who was driving his car before he was attacked.

Though it is not yet clear who were involved in the attack.

Talking to THT Online, Police inspector Rabi Raj Thapaliya informed that Shrestha, who received injuries on his head and hands, was rushed to the Jawalakhel-based Alka Hospital for the treatment after the attack.

Inspector Thapaliya further said some 6 large-size Khukuris have been recovered from the crime scene.

Police said they have also identified a bike bearing a registration number plate 5467 used in the crime.Source: THT


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