Transparency International, an organisation active in the fight against corruption, has claimed that Nepal’s political parties are the most corrupt. The survey carried out by the Nepal Division of Transparency International at 1,000 houses in 58 different municipalities of the country has shown political parties and their leaders as the most corrupt.

According to what was informed by the organisation at a press conference held in the capital today, 70 per cent of the participants in the survey had responded by labeling the political parties as very corrupt.

As per the report, other corrupt sectors include 66 per cent in the bureaucracy, 58 per cent in the police, 51 per cent in the parliament, 51 per cent in the judiciary and 27 per cent in the army. Similarly, it showed that there was 14 per cent corruption in the media sector and 17 per cent in the field of health and medicine.

At the conference, Chairman of Transparency International Bishnu Bahadur KC attributed the prevalence of corruption to the lack of stability and good governance in the country.

Transparency International has been conducting worldwide surveys on corruption-prone regions and preparing reports since 2003. The programme entitled Global Corruption Barometer Survey is conducted in 107 different countries of the world.

Nepal was included in the programme in 2011. The survey has shown Nepal crossing the corruption limit in the last two years. -Imagechannels


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